Mini (+2006)
Model Original (Tuned) Original (Tuned)
Mini Cooper 1.6 120 120 hp 134 hp 160 NM 177 NM
Mini Cooper 1.6 D 16V 110 110 hp 144 hp 240 NM 302 NM
Mini Cooper S 1.6 175 175 hp 205 hp 240 NM 307 NM
Mini One 1.4 16V 95 95 hp 106 hp 140 NM 157 NM
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Mini (-2006)
Model Original (Tuned) Original (Tuned)
Mini Cooper 1.6 115 115 hp 127 hp 150 NM 167 NM
Mini Cooper 1.6 S Kompressor 170 170 hp 192 hp 220 NM 262 NM
Mini One 1.4 D 75 75 hp 107 hp 180 NM 223 NM
Mini One 1.6 90 90 hp 127 hp 140 NM 167 NM
Mini One D 1.4 88 88 hp 117 hp 190 NM 242 NM
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You can obtain improvements in your Mini's power and fuel utilization by availing yourself of the technology provided in ECU remapping or chip tuning. Both of these procedures will give you significant gains in power, torque, fuel economy, and other engine functions. ECU remapping is designed for Minis manufactured after 2000, while chip tuning is the process applied to older models.

ECU (Engine Control Unit) remapping access information placed on an EPROM chip by the manufacturer to govern how the engine operates. Because these values are generic, they are rarely best-suited to your particular driving needs. The data values on the chip can be changed by the remapping process. This involves reading the data via your Mini's on-board electronic diagnostics technology and reprogramming the chip to change the stored values to values that will enhance the engine's performance.

Chip tuning accomplishes the same alternations of the stored data but requires removal of the ECU from the Mini in order to access the chip. Once the data has been changed, the chip and ECU are reinstalled, and you are on your way in a more powerful and smoother-driving Mini.

The performance gains are the same with each procedure, since they are essentially the same. The only difference between them is how our technicians get to the data stored on the ECU memory chip.

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