If you are looking for better MPG and power from your Iveco engine, we can provide the appropriate tuning method for your particular model. Our chip tuning and remapping services are designed to meet the unique needs of Iveco engines to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

All chip tuning and remapping is done by our professionally trained technicians to ensure you receive the highest quality service. Chip tuning is the procedure recommended for pre-2000 model Ivecos . For newer models, we apply ECU remapping.

Both chip tuning and remapping involve changing values that govern your engine's operations. These values are set by the manufacturer utilizing what is known as "firmware." Firmware refers to read-only memory responsible for storing permanent instructions. However, modern firmware can be altered through the use of flash memory chips. This means that the generic values established for engine performance at the factory can now be changed to suit your particular driving environment and style to give you more power and better fuel economy in many cases.

Chip tuning, which is performed on older Ivecos , requires the removal of the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and accessing the electronic chip that stores various values used in your engine's operation. The performance chips on new model Iveco s can be accessed through the OBD port and adjusted while still inside the ECU. When we apply either method, we retain all the safety values originally programmed into the vehicle, so your engine is always protected from being damaged.

Once the chip tuning or remapping has been accomplished, you will have increased horsepower, more torque, better response to the throttle, smoother power delivery, and more safety when overtaking, and improved fuel economy.

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