Chip Tuning

At V12 Chip Tuning Manchester we understand the chip tuning industry and can offer our customers the best in chip tuning and remapping value. V12 Chip Tuning Manchester provides the most convenient and cost-effective way to improve your vehicle's overall performance.

Chip tuning and ECU remapping are basically the same as what was previously known as "tuning" an engine, except that now we use electronic rather than mechanical means to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

Chip Tuning Manchester can apply these advanced technical methods to either petrol-powered or diesel-powered vehicles manufactured after 1999. Remapping involves altering the values stored on a chip inside the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to reflect the optimal settings for your unique driving conditions and style. Mileage, climate, fuel quality, air flow, and other factors influence how well your vehicle performs. Since a generic setting is used by manufacturers, there is nearly always room for improvement by customizing the values to meet your particular needs.

Chip tuning is applied to vehicles manufactured before 2000. It is slightly more involved than remapping in that the ECU must be removed so the technician can access the tuning software. In some cases, it is necessary to connect your engine's ECU directly to our advanced equipment via wires, or in other cases, it may be necessary to remove the chips that store the date from inside the ECU to alter their values.

Whatever your engine-enhancing needs, Chip Tuning Manchester can provide them in a cost-effective manner.

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